Turbulenzen im Luftraum

Kinetische Installation mit 2-Kanal Sound by Tilman Küntzel

Jesteburger Kunstsommer 1998 in the museum of local history.

The installation consists of two pipes that are hung up dangling freely in their central axis. These are exhibits of the new museum of local history that I have found on the preliminary viewing. One of the pipes is a water-pump. Through small loud-speakers, sounds are played into the pipes. The sounds are recordings of a colony of Common Guillemot (Trotellumme) in Newfoundland, Canada from July 1998 and noises from a gambling arcade in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Together the two recordings mix, intensified through the pipes and freely dangling in the room. The visitor may slowly set the pipes in motion and listen to the mingling of sounds from different positions. This installation is about ‘the animal in man’ compared with other instinctive behaviours. The shouts of the birds of a breeding colony come close to war cry – as they serve the defending of the breeding ground. In the gambling dens militant games are simulated and – one cabin after the other – practised with great eagerness. How the sounds are alike…